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  • In Home trainers


    • Congratulations on your decision to find your health!
    • Now we need to find the best training option for you
      to start today.

    • Find an Independent Personal Trainer to
      workout with you at HOME,hire at your GYM.
    • Find a local fitness studio that offers Personal
    • Training. Find outside fitness group classes.
    • Find inside Gym/Studio group classes.

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  • Affordable Personal Trainer


    These days most people find that hiring and working with a personal trainer is a sound investment towards living a healthy and happy life. The question is how do we pick the right personal trainer when finding one has so many important custom variables based upon individual fitness levels and needs. There is a personal trainer out there for everyone. Home Training Group, Inc. created a web based format search functionality that offers an inside comprehensive view for end users to easily search, view, and connect with fitness professionals throughout all 50 US States to find their perfect match. Find independent certified personal trainers for any training location including home, studios, gyms, and local outdoor fitness

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  • Home fitness


    Find a certified personal trainer or facility best suited for your own individual needs here on A once costly and time-consuming process has now been simplified with a nationwide database of the most respectable and effective fitness professionals, studios, and gyms. HTG is a trusted directory of the fitness industry's most elite fitness PROFESSIONALS.

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  • Find fitness trainers

    DELIVERED! connects willing and local clientele with certified personal trainers and gyms all around the United States. Whether you're just starting out as an independent or run an established business, can help you increase your personal trainer advertising exposure at an affordable rate. Once listed clients can contact you directly or be matched through our database search that determines location, personal needs of the clients, and individualized goals which helps aid in specializations creating the perfect combination for success.

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  • Weight loss


    After you begin your fitness regiment with a personal trainer you will get exact guidance on exercises, forms, setting goals, and an initial fitness assessment. You are free to discuss with your hired fitness professional how you can lose a certain amount of weight, address your nutrition, set goals, build muscles, and create healthy habits for a healthier, happier, and fitter life.

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  • Affordable Personal Trainer


    Let's find out what you like to do and get you in the BEST shape of your life doing it! Your certified personal trainer (CPT) will keep you focused, accountable and motivated regardless of the location you chose to work out. Your personal trainer will familiarize you with correct form, and provide you with a more in-depth overview of what will work best for your body. Personal trainers help you to improve health, comfort, mobility, balance, endurance, flexibility, agility, speed, recovery, strength, form, and most important injury prevention. Your performance will be monitored on a regular and your personal trainer will take special note of the areas of improvement to help you to improve.

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  • Personal Trainers


    Personal trainer tips for success:
    • 1.Ditch the small talk
    • 2.Show up on time
    • 3.Respect your trainer.
    • 4.Clean up your eating.
    • 5.Don't lie to your trainer
    • 6.SLEEP
    • 7.Trust your trainer.
    • 8.Say YES
    • 9.Journal .
    • 10.Put your heart into it 100%

    Find In home Trainer TODAY!

  • hiring a personal trainer


    Map your progress, chart your weight, set realistic goals and reach them. Fitness success results have shown that the one-to-one personal attention, customized plan based on individual needs, interaction, and accountability that personal trainers offer are bringing fitness results faster. If you want to incorporate a successful fitness routine and long term health improvement then hiring an in-home personal trainer is the answer to all your fitness doubts, confusions, and excuses

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Online Personal Trainer
  • Parker Lennon
    Independent Fitness/ Wellness Professional
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Josie is working out in Bedminster, NJ with Lenora

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Mercy in Bakersfield, CA is working out with Ryan

Debra V. is working out in Forked River, NJ with Lisa

Laura in Millstone, NJ is working out with Jamal

Horizons Adult Community is Manahawkin, NJ is have a Aqua Zumba this summer instructed by CHRISTINA H

Maria in Kentucky is training with Lauren 4-5 days a week!!!

Al is being trained by Antonio in MA

Latosha Had a FREE training session in Texas City with Jackie waiting on the good word!

Vivian in Rumson is training with Tracey

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*Featured trainers change monthly